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What defines us is our individual approach to our Clients. Regardless of the size of the business, we offer the best solutions for each specific case.

Small changes - big effects

Thanks to our products, implemented by the best specialists, you will achieve more while doing less.

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Assistance at the highest level and 15 years of experience in the IT industry


We put a lot of emphasis on treating every client individually. Regardless of the size of our client’s business, we’ll make sure that we provide the best solution for that case. Our contractors can rest assured that we won’t try to sell them products that they don’t need or forget about their business goals. We are focused on long-term cooperation, which is why every time we train our client’s employees responsible for using the software we implement. In addition, we prepare individual training materials for free. We provide our professional advice not only in case of problems, but also when the client would like to optimize their workflow. Our experience shows that in general, if the client’s way of doing something seems too complicated and time-consuming, there’s a possibility of significant optimization.

Bigger isn't always better

Our company – although small – cooperates with the best specialists in the field, so the client can rest assured that he’s receiving a service at a level worthy of a professional implementing company. It is worth mentioning that the software is always implemented by a specific person and not by the company he or she represents. An entrepreneur choosing a large implementing company has no guarantee that the delegated employee has the appropriate knowledge and experience for this task. Customers opting for our company are not only sure that they will be treated individually, but also know who will be involved in taking care of their business’ needs.

Aidem Art

We’ve been operating on the market since the beginning of 2003. The long-standing experience in the field of ICT solutions and Internet services allows for comprehensive and professional selection of solutions tailored to the needs and resources of the client.

The recipients of our services and products are both larger businesses – including listed companies – as well as small entrepreneurs.

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