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Document readout

The most effective system for reading data from paper and electronic documents (invoices, bank statements, other types) integrated with accounting software and ERP class systems.

Document flow

Intelligent system for the electronic circulation of accounting documents between the accounting office and the company. Equipped with an OCR (optical character recognition) mechanism and a flexible authorization module.


A simple and intuitive invoicing program equipped with an advanced search engine and tools for receivables control.

Client communication

Platform for communication of the accounting office and its clients, facilitating the exchange of information – sending accounting settlements and transferring company documents. Includes a program for invoicing online for office clients.

Comarch ERP Optima

Comarch ERP Optima is the most popular program, created for small and medium-sized companies from any industry, in Poland. Thanks to the built-in solutions, it is the most frequently chosen software among accounting offices and tax advisors.

Sales and warehouse

Comprehensive retail and warehouse solution, retail sales and a mobile inventory program.

Accounting office

Accounting, human resources and payroll, electronic exchange of documents and simple creation of various analyzes.


Rozwiązania do skutecznej sprzedaży w kanale internetowym, zarówno dla klientów detalicznych jak i biznesowych.

Comarch ERP XL

Comarch ERP XL is a functionally developed ERP class system, which is characterized by a flexible modular structure. The system’s functionalities are grouped in a dozen or so cooperating areas. Optimal configuration and number of modules is selected on the basis of a thorough analysis of the needs and specificity of the company’s operation.


Comarch ERP Altum

The platform is a multilingual solution, adapted to the specifics of international companies. The most important advantage of Comarch ERP Altum are the mechanisms that enable automation of routine operations (BPM) and tools enabling making decisions based on analyzes and forecasts (Business Intelligence).


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